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Exploring Montreal's Neighborhoods

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Montreal subway station
Montreal subway station

Montreal, a city known for its rich culture, diverse communities, and vibrant student life, offers a multitude of neighborhoods to choose from when searching for the ideal place to live during your university years. Let's take a closer look at Montreal neighbourhoods and determine the top three neighborhoods for each of the city's prominent universities. First things' first, the first question would be : What time is it in Montréal? Evidently that would depend on what you where you are, but here are a few countries and their relative time difference with Montreal :

  • France : 6 hours ahead of Montreal

  • Algeria : 6 hours ahead of Montreal

  • Germany (Berlin) : 6 hours ahead of Montreal.

  • Belgium (Brussels) : 6 hours ahead of Montreal.

  • Sweden (Stockholm) : 6 hours ahead of Montreal

  • United States (West coast) : No difference

  • United States (East coast) : 3 hours behind Montreal.

  • England (London) : 5 hours ahead of Montreal.

  • India (New Delhi) : 10.5 hours ahead of Montreal.

Discovering Montreal

Montreal is a city like no other, where centuries-old history meets modern innovation. It's a hub of arts, culture, and education, making it an enticing destination for students from all around the world. Before we dive into the coolest student neighborhoods in Montreal, let's briefly explore what makes Montreal special for students.

  • Vibrant Arts and Culture Scene: Montreal is renowned for its festivals, art galleries, and music events, providing students with countless opportunities to immerse themselves in cultural experiences.

  • Culinary Delights: The city offers a diverse culinary scene, with everything from local delicacies to international cuisine, ensuring that you'll never run out of dining options.

  • Sports and Recreation: Montreal has an abundance of green spaces, parks, and recreational facilities, making it easy to stay active and enjoy outdoor activities.

Now, let's explore some of the Montreal neighborhoods so that you will be able to make an enlightened decision when considering all your Montreal apartment rental options.

map of the montreal neighborhoods
Montreal neighborhoods map

The Neighborhoods:

1. The Mile End

picture of the Mile-End neighborhood

The Mile End is a trendy, peaceful, and family-friendly Montreal neighborhood that exudes charm. It's home to cozy cafes, delightful restaurants, and charming boutiques. Located close to the University of Montreal, it offers convenient access to campus, making it a top choice for students.

2. The Plateau Mont-Royal

Picture of the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood
Plateau Mont-Royal

Popular among students, the Plateau Mont-Royal boasts affordable fruit markets, eco-conscious stores, and stylish cafes. With its vibrant atmosphere, it's a favorite among students attending McGill University, UQAM and Concordia, located nearby.

3. Villeray

Picture of the Villeray neighborhood

Villeray is known for its warm ambiance, abundant restaurants, and green alleys. It's situated conveniently near metro stations, making it a practical choice for UQAM students.

4. Rosemont–La-Petite-Patrie

Picture of Quartier Rosemont in Montreal

Rosemont–La-Petite-Patrie is beloved for its urban gardens, lively streets, and access to the orange and blue metro lines. It's a great option for students attending any of Montreal's universities.

5. Côte-des-Neiges

Picture of the Côte-des-neiges neighborhood

Côte-des-Neiges stands out for its diverse community and the iconic Saint-Joseph Oratory. It's a perfect fit for students at any of Montreal's universities due to its affordability and essential amenities.

6. Outremont

Picture of Outremont neighborhood in Montreal

Outremont offers a more upscale and serene environment. It's ideal for students who appreciate a quieter, residential atmosphere. The neighborhood's proximity to various universities makes it a desirable choice for academic pursuits.

7. Downtown

Picture of Dowtown Montreal

Downtown Montreal is at the heart of the city's vibrant life, with its thriving business district, shopping, dining, and entertainment options. It's a convenient choice for students from all universities, with accessibility to multiple metro lines.

8. Parc-Extension

Parc-Extension neighborhood

Parc-Extension is known for its multicultural community and affordable housing. It's a budget-friendly option, particularly attractive to students on a tight budget.

9. The Village

Picture of the Village neighborhood
The Village

The Village, also known as "the gay neighborhood" is a lively and diverse neighborhood known for its LGBTQ+ community. It offers a vibrant social scene, making it a great choice for students looking for a dynamic atmosphere near various universities.

10. Verdun

Picture of the Verdun neighborhood in Montreal

Verdun is a family-friendly neighborhood with scenic waterfront parks along the St. Lawrence River. It's a peaceful choice, perfect for students who value a quieter living environment.

Top 3 Neighborhoods for Each University


For University of Montreal (UDEM) and its two affiliated schools: Polytechnique Montréal and HEC Montréal:

By considering the unique characteristics of each neighborhood, their proximity to the university of your choice, and the apartments for rent in Montreal, you can find the perfect place to call home while studying in Montreal.

At Housing Hawk our experts can provide you with in-depth information and help you make the best decision for your student experience in Montreal. Request a Free Consultation.

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